Mashup Exporters is a coalition of Leather Ware business belongs to the families of Mr. Abubakar Tariq & Mr. Hamza Hanif since 2014, having Business Concerns in various manufacturing sectors since 2014 from Leather field & Sports Goods manufacturing in past from Karachi city to getting status as a Largest Manufacturers of Home Textiles sector in the textile city of Sialkot.

MASHUP EXPORTERS were the trendsetter in Southern Italy Leather market, supplying millions of meter HIGH quality Pure Leather products along with the sports ware and Household items started to add into the list further by the time.Many items were introduced by Mashup Exporters in that period of time.

The targeted customers were the wholesalers but eventually the quality products become so trendy in the sector that customers started to supply big super market chains, like in FRANCE “Carrefour, Giga, Auchan, Babou, Cora, Gifi, Lidal, Monoprix, Aldi, Casino, Intermarche,”, and various others. Later our network expands into more European Countries like The Netherlands (Action Stores, Makro, Metro, Hema, V&D, Aldi NL, Watson, Albert Hejin, C&A, Blokker, H&M, Leenbakker, Damai, & many other stores), Germany & Belgium, & most recently United Kingdom. Most of our customers are the suppliers of chain stores and we are considered some of the top suppliers because of timely deliveries and introducing new qualities in the market.

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ITALY & U.K 20%

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Mashup Exporters

Mr. Abubakar Mr. Hamza
(Sales & Marketing Manger) (Production Manager)